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Inland Fire Protection has led the way in the fire sprinkler industry in Central Washington for 41 years. We are now expanding our services, that are second-to-none, into the fire extinguisher industry. Our sales and service team can help you determine which portable fire extinguishers are applicable and offer insight where they need to be located within your facilities to satisfy National Fire Protection (NFPA) standards. With a mobile unit, we can come to your facility and service your fire extinguishers on site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my extinguisher is still good?

Your extinguisher is still good if it has had annual maintenance by a trained professional. Check your extinguisher monthly to see that it has pressure on the gauge.

How often do I need to replace my fire extinguisher?

Your extinguisher can last a long time depending on how well it is taken care of and maintained.  Every 12 years a hydrostatic test should be performed to verify the integrity of the tank.

What type of fire extinguisher do I need?

The type and quantity of extinguishers needed depends on the occupancy and size of your building. It is recommended that you seek help with this question by contacting a fire extinguisher professional or the authority in your local jurisdiction.

How much does it cost to service my extinguishers?

The cost to service your extinguisher can vary depending on the number of extinguishers you have.  We suggest calling our office so we can determine the cost.

Can you come to my office building to check our extinguishers?

We do provide quick and professional on-site service, where we will take care of almost all of your fire extinguishing needs.

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